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Sunday Liturgies, self portraits 2023

I grew up in Rome, surrounded by Catholic and Baroque iconography whose influence has been inevitable in my visual universe. The glorification of suffering and the obsession with feminine virginal purity are themes that in one way or another reappear in my works.
This series of self-portraits was born from the need to look back at my own body after going through a clinical depression.
We live the experience of hell and heaven through the body. Everything remains and changes there, inescapable record of our events in the world.



This series was created for the curated exhibition ESO QUE MURIO
in the FOTOCREATIVABA gallery, Buenos Aires, June/July 2023

There are times when photography seems somehow represent the world as it would be on the last day.
Four photographers may not be enough to represent that last day, but they can affirm a world. That world that looks a lot like the last day.
The day we said what we wanted to say, the day of the brave.
That day, we overcame a restriction, an imposed value that we did not share, an ancestral prejudice, a regret. Yes, fables of the "ideal" world. [......]
There was a day when Kicca Tommasi told the world that she was neither young nor perfect anymore, and exhibited her most authentic nudity, the one that reveals to herself.
There was a day when something in them died, and that which died was thrown here, like pieces of a great canvas that, when united, constitute the texture of a manifesto.

Ana Larrere
Gelen Marquez Silva

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