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HOME - group exhibition in Roma, September 2020
PORTRAITS WITHOUT FACES - curated group exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, October 2022
MOTION - curated group exhibition PH21 Gallery, Rome, November 2022

IN DREAMS - curated group exhibition Chateau Gallery, February 2023
WOMEN.LIFE.FREEDOM - group exhibition Mozaik Philanthropy, San Francisco, February 2023
UPSIDE DOWN - group exhibition PH21 Gallery, Budapest, March 2023 

ESO QUE MURIOcurated collective exhibition, with I was my body - FotocreativaBA gallery, Buenos Aires, July 2023

• La festa in giardino (cortometraggio)
Vincitore - Jumping Frames Intl Dance video festival, Hong Kong 2020
Semifinalista - Boden Intl Film Festival 2021 + Alternative Film Festival, 2021

• Lo spazio in cui viviamo (serie di foto)
Vincitore - Norgs Intl Festival, 2022
Selezione Ufficiale - Moving Body Festival, 2021

• L'anno in cui non c'ero (serie di foto)
Vincitore - Los Angeles Photography Awards, 2021
Vincitore - Aphrodite Film Awards, 2022
Menzione d'onore - Luminous Frames Photography Festival, 2022
Selezione ufficiale - IWPA 2022
Candidato - Fine Arts Photography Awards 2021
Portraits Without Faces - mostra collettiva a Budapest 2022



Casa- mostra collettiva a Roma, settembre 2020
Ritratti senza volto- mostra collettiva a Budapest, ottobre 2022
Movimento- mostra collettiva a Roma, novembre 2022

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